Equine Facilitated Growth, Development & Healing

Saving Horses, Inc. is now home to an Equine Facilitated growth, development and healing program. Conducted by Susan Crimmins, PHD a graduate of EponaQuest, AZ. Susan’s sessions are conducted on the ground. They are not mounted sessions.

A simple truth is that horses are healers. They model how to BE present in the here and now and in relationships, as they teach us boundaries and reflect authentic heart-centered expressions. The horses play a major role in the healing of individuals suffering from PTSD, addiction and social/emotional disorders.

A graduate of “Epona”. Her growth and development counseling sessions are led by the horse. The horse used for the session is selected by the client.

PHD Psychotherapist a graduate of EAGALA.
Individualized therapy sessions are available for people who suffer from various
social/emotional disorders, addiction and PTSD. Contact us via email for more info.

In 2017 SHI will be able to offer scholarships to individuals who would otherwise not be able to afford and benefit from the individualized counseling sessions provided by Equine Assisted Therapy program. Grant writing will enable us to offer E.A.T. to these individuals.


"Working with Susan and the horses has been profoundly transformative for me. I am learning about subconscious relational patterns that have held me back for decades. Sessions with Susan touch into deep places in the heart and soul I haven't been able to access in any other way, despite exposure to many non-traditional healing arts. Something about the horses ignites the psyche and gently guides it to a place of restoration and wholeness. Eponaquest gives me hope that new narratives of intimacy and healing are not only possible for me; they are already writing themselves."

Lisa P.