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Kansas 45+2 Rescue
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This rescue became known as the Kansas 45+2, as two donkeys were also found to be in the herd. A rescue of this magnitude needs much organization and money. $300 per horse just to keep it off the slaughter truck is only the beginning. Vet bills, food, farrier, transportation to a safe haven, where they are cared for until adoption can cost as much as $2,000 per horse for one month depending on the horse’s needs. $25,000 has been raised to rescue and sustain these horses since the rescue, June 1, 2007.

See a video of these beautiful horses: Click Here

Careen Cain of Kansas who instigated the rescue, has and still is working very hard to care for the horses still in her care. Some of these horses have been adopted, and the others have been transported to Karen Everheart at Rainbow Meadows Rescue in Sedan, Kansas. 


Texas based Habitat for Horses conducted one of the largest rescues they have undertaken. With the assistance of HSUS, 75 starving and emaciated horses were rescued from a ranch in Cash, Texas, June 27, 2007.

A classic case of hoarding. Horses had been purchased and bred, but left to starve. Foals had been born to starving mares who had little or no milk and had died prior to rescue. Other foals that were rescued were in bad shape.

The Humane Society disaster team along with Habitat for Horses volunteers, worked around the clock in very wet muddy conditions to rescue and transport the horses to safety.

Jerry Finch and all the staff/foster homes at Habitat for Horses do amazing work. Visit their website and make a donation. The cost of feeding and care for these horses will run in excess of $100,000.
September, Habitat for Horses has just been involved in another rescue of 30 Arabian horses that were seized from a ranch, all in a state of neglect. More donations needed!

Jill Curtis of
Shiloh Horse Rescue in Sandy Valley, Nevada, specializes in rescuing horses from slaughter. Jill attends auction in Utah and bids on horses to save them from the kill buyer and a trip to slaughter. Jill also buys older crippled horses that deserve to live out their days in peace in her sanctuary. At least these horses experience love and peace for a short time before crossing over the rainbow. Visit Jill’s website and make a donation.





A 3 year old mare left abandoned in a pasture close to Austin, TX, by a family that had moved away 5 months prior, taking with them their other “normal” horses. Claudia had a crooked leg and they threw her away. Habitat for Horses received a call to rescue this mare. The leg was operated on and straightened. Just another example of a poor horse thrown away like a piece of trash because she wasn’t perfect.

This sweet Belgian foal was rescued from a farm where the owners were going to shoot it. He was very malnourished and his legs were covered with wounds. He may have even been bitten by dogs! Sadly the foal had not received the nourishment it needed during the first couple of months of its life. A rescue took him in and did all they could for him. Sadly the foal lost his battle. Another example of the cruelty towards animals that exists in our world. Willie was his name and he was loved at least for the last few days of
his short life.

This is a video dedicated to the memory of Willie

Texas Feedlot Rescue
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Fans of Barbaro raised funds in June 2007 to save 30 mares and their foals from a feedlot in Texas. Some of the mares were heavily pregnant. A feedlot is an unsanitary environment to be giving birth. Foster homes were secured for all these horses, and will eventually find their forever adoptive homes.


Habitat for Horses received a call to rescue a horse in need. Nayisa had been bought at auction for $35. Her owner decided to sell her for a $100. The mare did not want to go into the trailer, and the owner lost his temper. He wrapped barbed wire around the noseband of her halter, and this dug into her face, the more she pulled, refusing to load.

He then tied her to the back of the trailer, and trailed her several hundred feet. By now she was on the ground and was being dragged. As if this wasn’t enough, the owner then reversed over her with the trailer, trapping her underneath. When rescuers arrived, they had to lift the trailer off the horse, Nayisa is now in foster care and has undergone several surgeries to remove bone fragments from her skull. This man had also SHOT HER IN THE FACE! The mare was rescued by authorities and spent 7 days in intensive care at a veterinary clinic. Habitat for Horses was called to take care of her. Read her story: Nayisa - The Louisiana Mare

Nayisa’s road to recovery has been a long one, and an expensive one. Please donate whatever you can to assist with her ongoing care.

Watch this video entitled “
The Fight to End Abuse”.




Aaleyah Belle
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Theresa Batchelor of Beauty Haven Farm & Equine Rescue recently saved a mare with her one day old foal from a shot to the head, because the foal was born with a wry nose. This is a deformity to the nose which hinders the foal from nursing, breathing and eating food later on. It should be corrected early on. Baby Belle and mom, Sue, were rescued on the day that Eight Belles died at the Kentucky Derby, hence her name Aaleyah Belle.

Mom and baby were very weak upon arrival at Beauty’s Haven, and the foal required plasma and colostrums. Aalayeh Belle was fed every 4 hours from a bottle, and a calf bottle was placed in her stall, so she could “nurse” when hungry.

A few days later a 5 day old nursemare foal arrived. It had been pulled from its mother, as this industry does. Aaleyah Belle had a new playmate, named Buttercup.

Belle required surgery to correct her deformity, which was successfully performed at the University of Florida. While there, she contracted 2 fecal viruses. She was quite sick. The cost of surgery and care was over $5,000 which was raised by the ever faithful Fans of Barbaro. Additional funds are required for their ongoing care, and for the care given to other new arrivals such as Golden Boy, the orphaned foal with scoliosis, and the emaciated mare named Kiwi.

Read all about Aaleyah Belle and her friends.


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