Sadly, horses have been slaughtered for human consumption overseas, for many years in the U.S.A., and in Canada and Mexico. Last year 135,000 American horses were slaughtered, and the meat was shipped to France, Belgium and Japan. The meat is also consumed in French Canadian restaurants. Considered a delicacy, the meat fetches high prices and is in demand. The three horse slaughterhouses that were in operation in America were Belgian owned. Facing tremendous opposition for years, two in Texas were finally closed in early 2007, and the remaining Cavel International, operating in DeKalb, Illinois, was closed a year later.

The closure of Cavel International is another step forward in seeing an end to slaughter in the U.S.A. The problem is far from solved though, as the horses face a long and grueling journey to Canada or worse still, Mexico.

The slaughter of horses is the most inhumane practice imaginable. Horses are purchased at auction by “kill buyers”(KB). Horses are badly treated right from the moment they arrive at auction. Food and water are not always available to them in the holding pens. Weather may be extremely hot or extremely cold, and no shelter provided. Kill buyers buy the horses per pound for their meat. Sadly, many of these are healthy riding horses, and have been someone’s pet. Some owners do not know the horses will end up at slaughter, and some do know but do not seem to care. Other horses arrive at auction sick, emaciated, injured and worse.

No horse deserves the pain and torture of the transportation to the slaughterhouses, and the act of slaughter itself. Horses are crammed into cattle trucks. Stallions, mares, some heavily pregnant, young horses, old horses, sick, lame, and even blind. A recipe for disaster, many horses do not make the journey alive. They become weak from the journey fall and are trampled to death. They are on the road for as long as 24 hours with no food or water. Transportation laws are broken daily by this industry, as is the 1958 Humane Slaughter Law. These laws, consistently broken are proof enough that this industry should be abolished. Horses are being transported to Mexico and Canada. Animals Angels have conducted investigative reports on the transportation of horses. They have observed the lack of interest in these horses at the border by both the USDA inspectors and the Canadian CFIA. Horses must be checked en route every few hours and are routinely not. Horses arrive at the slaughterhouse very weak, some are even dead or die soon after arrival. No food or water is offered to them at the slaughterhouse, no shelter from the weather, and the conditions at slaughter are unbelievably inhumane. It is cruelty at its worst. Read about the investigation at Richelieu Meat, Inc and the investigation into the transport of American horses to Canada for slaughter. WARNING THESE INVESTIGATIONS ARE TRULY DISTURBING.

Animals Angels report on horses going to Mexico for slaughter.

This is an excellent account of the journey from auction to slaughter, by PETA. WARNING. This video contains graphic footage of the suffering inflicted on horses at slaughterhouse. Only your knowledge of what happens to these horses, and your subsequent action contacting your legislators will change this. Please act now.

HSUS End Horse slaughter.

Animals Angels Investigative reports  reveals the horrors of auction and the transportation of horses to  slaughter house in Mexico and Canada.   WARNING! GRAPHIC!

In 1998 Proposition 6 passed in California, banning the sale of horses for slaughter for human consumption. Sadly, funding was not put in place for the enforcement of these new laws, making it illegal for anyone to knowingly sell or purchase a horse for slaughter. Kill Buyers still attend auctions in California, purchasing horses for transportation out of state. Horses from California are passed on to other auctions out of state or driven directly to slaughter in Mexico or Canada. There is no enforcement of the law. Hopefully when the federal laws are passed there will be funding and enforcement.

The Humane Society have put the abolition of horse slaughter among their top priorities. Lobbying hard along with The Society for Animal Protective Legislation (SAPL), with Bo Derek as spokesperson, both Congress and the Senate have been hit hard this year with the brutal facts about the horse slaughter industry, the grossly inhumane treatment of the horses and the laws that are broken on a daily basis at auction, transportation and at the slaughterhouses. The legislation pending in Congress HR503 and the Senate S727 are worded exactly the same and will ban the transporation of American horses across the border for slaughter in Mexico and Canada. As part of their campaign HSUS have undercover video, exposing the inhumanity of horse slaughter in Mexico, where 20% of American slaughter-bound horses end up. The method of slaughter used in Mexico “pithing” is illegal in the U.S.A. and in Europe, yet the American government permits our horses to be murdered in this manner across the border. There is a holding station in El Paso Texas where hundreds of horses await the Mexican slaughter trucks to pick them up and drive them to their death. Many are transported in double deck trucks which is illegal in the U.S.A.


The SAFE Act will ban the transportation of horses across the border to Canada and Mexico for slaughter for human consumption. Horse meat is not safe for humans to eat as it is carcinogenic, due to the drugs given to horses during their lifetime.

For more information on the legislation and how you can help, visit:
Get The Facts on Horse Slaughter
American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act
Society for Animal Protective Legislation

Contact your local legislators and tell them you want to see an end to horse slaughter.

Watch Bo Derrek on Horse Slaughter. WARNING Other horse slaughter videos on YouTube may be graphic!

For more information on slaughter, horse tripping, rodeos, horse “bleeding” and other cruelties against horses visit the Int'l Fund for Horses and American Horse Meat websites.

Every week, across the USA,  horses are rescued from going to slaughter in Mexico and Canada. They are rescued off feedlots, or at auction. Saving Horses, inc has saved many from this terrible fate, including Lucky Girl, Second Chance, Gracie, Keelhauled, El Nuki, Daddy, Macy, to mention only a few. By making a donation you will be enabling Saving Horses, Inc., to sustain the horses rescued and make it possible for us to conduct further rescues in the future.

For more information on slaughter and transportation records please visit

Latest news on the Wild Horses

HR1018 also known as the ROAM Act, has just passed in the House of Representatives. Hopefully it will be heard soon in the Senate. It will provide more acreage for the wild horses and prevent anymore unnecessary cruel round ups. There are currently 30,000 BLM mustangs in holding facilities throughout the U.S. and a cruel BLM plan to get rid of them can be read on this informative site:

HR1018 will protect these horses. Unfortunately many mustangs have already been illegally sent to slaughter by the BLM, drastically depleting the number of wild horses on the range over the last few years.

The BLM continue with their merciless round up and removal of 2700 mustangs from the Calico Mountains, Nevada. Despite fierce protest from wild horse advocates, letters, phone calls and emails to the White House, the round up continues. 22 horses have died to date, including a few foals whose feet were literally run off them. They had to be euthanized.

Please contact your legislator and tell him/her these roundups must stop. The BLM are mismanaging our heritage and spending the tax payer’s money without our consent. There are currently 33,000 BLM mustangs in holding facilities across the country costing the tax payers millions per year in feed. We fear there are not enough adoptive homes for these horses, and many will end up in a Mexican slaughterhouse.

SHI secretary, Killy, and her son Gavin, attended a wild horse protest
outside Senator Feinstein’s Los Angeles Office in December.



We are devastated that the BLM continue with their cruel and unrelenting roundups.
There have been many deaths of horses in recent months as a result of these roundups.
BLM are even conducting round ups that have not been made public. For more information on the roundups and the lawsuits against BLM please visit the news section on the Cloud Foundation website.


Madeleine Pickens has been working diligently to secure land in the West to serve as a new home to  the 30,000 mustangs currently in  BLM holding pens. Madeleine has held numerous meetings with BLM officials to negotiate an agreement to transfer the horses to her newly formed foundation. We are happy to announce that the BLM have finally agreed to her plan, and soon the first 1,000 mustangs will transported to their new range.
Please visit Madeleine’s website for more information. (News & Events)


A 2 month old BLM foal was rescued from the Litchfield holding facility, 2 weeks after a round up in the Litchfield Area of Susanville. This colt’s mother quit lactating, and the foal deteriorated quickly. He was taken in by Palomino Armstrong. He was so malnourished and dehydrated, he could not stand on his one for more than a few minutes.

Here is a photo of him at the clinic where he was treated initially. The colt is continuing to do well.  Thank you to Palomino for rescuing him in and saving his life.

Saving America’s Horses, A Nation Betrayed.

This powerful documentary on the continued slaughter of American horses won best film in the recent Women’s International Film festival in Los Angeles. Director Katia Louise is now taking it on the road to several other film festivals. Saving Horses, Inc., is proud to be a part of this documentary.

Saving America's Horses

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