SHI Rescues

Latest rescues include:


SHI is providing lifetime sanctuary to Montana and Rivet.

Prince George

SHI was alerted to an older Belgian draft gelding standing on a VA feedlot. He looked very frail for such a large horse. He needed us to save him from going to slaughter. We arranged for his transport to a QT facility in PA where he spent 6 weeks to ensure he was well enough, and in better weight to make the long journey to Encintas, CA. He arrived in not such great shape. After a few weeks with us, he was looking great. Treated for ulcers and sand, his gut felt better and his appetite picked up. His hay is chipped and he eats a large amount of soaked hay pellets and complete feed as he has no grinding surface left on his teeth. George is a 20+ year old draft that was used up and thrown away by the Amish. Sadly many Amish throw aways are bid on by kill buyers every month at the New Holland Auction. George has settled in well. He loves his walks and lots of loving attention.


We saw this lovely sweet mare mentioned on FB, as having been dumped on someone as a free horse. We soon learned she had been a recipient mare at a foal producing farm that numbers their mares. She was badly foundered, very long hooves, and very crippled. SHI went to pick her up armed with pain meds so she could be trailered comfortably. Our wonderful vet Dr. Wilcox came out next morning. X-rays revealed old founder.He trimmed her feet and put “Equicast” clogs on. She’s so much more comfortable now. Also floated her teeth as this was likely never done before. Her mouth was a mess. She has numbers carved into her skin with a knife. She was just a number producing babies. She still has milk from her last foal. Appendix quarter, Vet puts her at about age 15. Her tail is cut short, and she doesn't like you messing with her behind… soon as she sees you walking behind her she gets nervous….poor baby, I can only imagine the hellish life she had. Safe and loved now.

Dewdrop's Heart

This lovely 4 year old OTTB mare, was rescued from Bowie, TX feedlot, Sept 2017. In 2016 Dewdrop had raced successfully for her owner, winning $12,000. Sadly as she slowed up, she was sold, and sold again. Even with a strict no throw away policy on the sales contract, she was thrown away, and ended up on a feedlot. Bernardini Racing stepped up to assist with some of her rescue expenses.

After spending 30 days at a TX ranch for QT, Dewey made the journey to CA. She arrived very thin, full of sand and worms, sore feet and bot eggs on her skin. After just 3 weeks she has gained weight, is doing walk trot canter in round pen on voice command, and is a very sweet girl. We shall continue to work with her, put some training into her and see how it goes. Hoping she will stay sound.

Lacie & Lucky

Lacie & Lucky were rescued off the Kaufman, TX feedlot, and adopted by a wonderful woman in Maryland. Lacie and foal Lucky were very underweight and both suffered from upper Respiratory infections. Lacie’s hair was falling out due to malnourishment. They are both “home” in MD and doing well.


This 19 year old thoroughbred mare was surrendered by her owner who no longer wanted to keep her standing in his backyard. She was lame due to a hoof abscess, was standing in 2 feet of alfalfa that she couldn’t eat as her teeth had not been floated in many years. No fly control, poor girl was covered in flies and losing weight. SHI took care of her immediate needs until she could be transported to our friends at Villa Chardonnay Sanctuary in Temecula. Here Reba will be able to live out the rest of her days in peace surrounded by horse friends and people who love her.


This lovely 3 year old paint mare was handed over to SHI by a loving owner who could no longer take care of her. She will remain at SHI for the time being. She may be available for adoption in the future.


This 14 year old pony mare was handed over to SHI by a loving owner who could no longer take care of her. Bella had been rescued from a neglectful home a year prior by this woman. Sadly Bella arrived to us with laminitis, but we wrapped her feet in baby diapers and gave her a thick cushiony bed of shavings for her comfort. Bella has been adopted by a wonderful lady who has given lifetime refuge to other special needs ponies also. She will get the care she needs to recover.


SHI had been taking care of (2) paint Tenessee Walkers for several months in 2014. We finally were given the opportunity to bring them into the rescue. They have been adopted into a forever loving home.


With the help of  fellow rescuers, SHI re homed 12 ponies in July/August  The owner was no longer able to care for them, so she  asked for our assistance. We are very thankful to the folks who stepped up and offered loving forever homes for these ponies, who really just needed a safe place to hang out  in their reirement. Red, Frosty, Champ, Baby Girl, Inspector Gadget, Blondie, Dallas, Babe, Gopher, Scarlet, Gumdrop & Pistol


This beautiful 7 year old Overo Paint was over jumped by his previous trainer, causing lameness in all four limbs of this horse. Jet is currently on a several month layup, similar to that of a racehorse. We are hoping he will be sound enough for trail riiding.


This 18 yr old QH mare was abandoned at a Lakeside boarding facility. She was not in good shape. She was thin and had very sore feet.  SHI took her in. She has gained weight and we are currently working with the farrier to address her special shoeing needs. Dolly is now a long term retiree at SHI. We would consider adopting Dolly out as a pasture/companion pet to a loving forever home.


SHI assisted with the rescue of two Thoroughbreds at close of the Del Mar racing season.
“Don’t Forget Muq” AKA Boatside. 7 yr old Caifornaia raced gelding. Boatside is currently rehabilitating from a racing injury, and will be available for adoption in 2013. Boatside is lame as a result of his racing days and is now permanently retired. Sponsors needed


AKA Zorro is a TX born and raced thoroughbred. Now 13 years old, Zorro had spent this season as a “pony” horse at Del Mar. Starved and neglected, faithful friend Viktoria visited him each day to ensure he was fed and cared for. We were able to “rescue” him at the close of the Del Mar season.    Sponsors needed.
Zorro is not available for adoption. He is now a long term retiree.
We recently co-ordinated the rescue of 5 horses that were thrown away by a popular S. CA amusement park. The horses were en route to auction, where they undoubtedly would have been bought for slaughter.

3 of the horses were taken in by Equine Well Being Rescue, Ramona, and the two thoroughbreds went to Tijuana River Valley Rescue.


This 15 year old BLM mustang was rescued off the S. CA feedlot with the help of donations from the Fans of Barbaro and our local supporters. Pirate is currently undergoing some rehabilitative training.
Pirate is not available for adoption.

Mickey (Sweet Valentine)

SHI was alerted to a 20 yr old tattooed thoroughbred at the Lancaster Animal Shelter. He had been found abandoned on the streets of Lancaster. He was running out of time and needed to leave the shelter. Thanks to the Fans of Barbaro, $500 was raised to cover the cost of his adoption from the shelter, a week’s feed and care at the SHI Lancaster foster home, hoof trim, a new blanket and transport to Safe Haven rescue in Cottonwood. Safe Haven have renamed him Sweet Valentine, aptly named for a Valentine’s day rescue. His registered Jockey Club name is Yort. Never raced.
Thank you to Linda Richards at Safe Haven for taking him in.


This 8 yr old, 17hh TB/warmblood cross mare was rescued off a dealer’s lot in March, saving her from a trip to a slaughter buying auction. Sadly Hope was a performance horse who had been ridden into the ground. She sustained a career ending injury to her knee and then was dumped. Hope will be assessed for arthroscopic knee surgery at San Luis Rey Equine Hospital. We will determine at a later date if Hope will be available for adoption as a riding horse. This very sweet mare will be well cared for by SHI s a sanctuary horse unless someone has a lovely pasture and some friends for her to hang out with, and would be willing to adopt her. Hope underwent arthroscopic knee surgery. Just how successful this surgery will be for her, time will tell.

AJ’s story

As You Like It raced ay Del Mar as a 3 year old. He was rescued by SHI at age 8, not sure where he had been or what he had done, but he was still green broke at age 8. After putting some basic dressage training into him, AJ was adopted locally. Soon after he was returned and a second adoption took him to Hawaii for 6 years. Sadly due to lack of expert professional help there, the adopter could not provide the appropriate care for him, and he was returned to SHI in 2016. AJ has had to go through major rehabilitation, multiple joint injections, chiropractics, body work and under saddle training. His progress is slow, and he has had many set backs. His gut has been compromised and needs daily bio sponge and probiotics. Another special needs horse to add to our collection!

Mustang Rescue

SHI is frequently pulling horse off the local feedlot. In November, these two mustangs were rescued off the feedlot and transported to Blue Sky Rescue in Oregon. Thank you to the Fans of Barbaro who donated the funds for bail and transportation.

Rockin the City

This 4 year old OTTB gelding “Rockin the City” was pulled off the feedlot in time for the holidays. Thanks again to the Fans of Barbaro who donated the bail funds. This lucky boy has already found a loving home.

Draft Horse

Draft Horse Rescue

This beautiful 11 year old draft horse was rescued off the local feedlot by SHI, with the help of funds donated by The Fans of Barbaro and other private donors. This “King” is currently in foster care and may be available for adoption at a later date.

This King has been adopted.

Quarter Horse

Quarter Horse Gelding

This beautiful white gelding was rescued off the local feedlot by SHI, with the help of funds donated by The Fans of Barbaro and private donors. He was immediately adopted into a loving home.

Gypsy Rose

These two year old draft crosses were 2 of 9 horses rescued from a California feedlot by SHI and a private associate rescue. (Stay tuned for more info on the other 7 horses).

Thank you to the Fans of Barbaro who donated to bail and transport Gypsy Rose and Max. They are currently at our rescue facility. Gypsy Rose has a chronic and debilitating injury to her hind legs, and we are still unsure if we can save her. Max will be available for adoption in July.


These two lovely horses have been adopted by a wonderful loving family and are renamed Luke & Leah. Leah had a severe case of canker in her right hind foot, but is now well on her way to recovery.



This 10 year old thoroughbred gelding was rescued off the feedlot. King has been transferred to Tearsongs Equine Athletes Rescue & Sanctuary, In Ramona, CA, as SHI is full to capacity. King is trained to 1st level dressage, bomb proof on the trail, quiet and gentle and needs a loving home. King has been adopted.


This pregnant mare we believe is breeding stock paint/foundation quarter, was rescued off the feedlot. She has also been transferred to Tearsongs Equine Athletes Rescue & Sanctuary, Ramona CA.  

SHI continues to coordinate and facilitate the rescue of horses off the feedlot. Several thoroughbreds have been rescued so far this year. They have been taken in by other rescues.

This Polish Arabian gelding was rescued off the feedlot in December. Thank you to the Fans of Barbaro for generously donating his bail. He is currently in training and will soon be available for adoption. He is a quiet, gentle horse.

SHI coordinated the rescue of 2 mustangs off the feedlot. They were taken in by Red Bucket rescue, a foster home for Return to Freedom, while a permanent sanctuary can be found for them.

Gypsy & Smudge

Two more mustangs were pulled off the feedlot this month.  Aged just 4 and 6 yrs, these two lovely mustangs could no longer be cared for by their previous owners. They were picked up as “free” horses off a Craigslist ad, by two blonde women, and ended up a few days later on the KB’s feedlot. My friend Christine of Gentled Mustangs, drove these two to another California rescue who so graciously took them in. They will be going to Monty Roberts in January for under saddle training. They were retired to a private sanctuary in AZ

Thank you to the Fans of Barbaro for donating the money to bail these two off the lot.

These two lucky mustangs were transferred to a private retirement sanctuary in Arizona.

New Mexico auction draft horse rescue.

SHI coordinated the rescue of three draft horses, that were taken to a NM auction, from CA. Thank you to the Fans of Barbaro for donating the funds needed for this rescue, and to our friend Kristen for actually bidding on them and getting them to safety. Two of the drafts are currently with the Reilly Resue in Texas (thank you Amy) and big Ben is still with Kristen. Kristen also rescued a skinny TB mare and a weanling mini. The mini was very sick, and sadly died the next day. RIP sweet little baby. God only knows where this poor baby would have ended up dying if Kristen had not taken him home. He knew a few hours of love and kindness before crossing the rainbow bridge.


This 4 year old warmblood cross was rescued from the kill buyers feedlot late August. He has a lovely  sweet, gentle nature and loves to play with his jolly ball. He is an awesome mover, but sadly he has a neurological condition that we are investigating. We are hoping it is not too serious. Either way we will ensure his safety and well being forever.

This 16 year old TB mare was rescued off the slaughter bound feedlot. Emaciated and covered in infected wounds she was taken in by a prospective adopter. Unfortunately she was returned to us soon after rescue. Stella was adopted by a TB retirement sanctuary, but sadly she has now crossed that rainbow bridge. RIP

This older mustang mare was picked up off the kill buyer’s feedlot by an Orange County rescue (Red Bucket). She has captured the hearts of many and will be easy to place.


This 3 year old mustang mare accompanied Zoie to the Orange County rescue.

This 4 year old BLM gelding rescued off the kill buyer’s feedlot is currently in a foster home awaiting adoption. He is broke to ride and very sweet and gentle.

Sherwood Park
SHERWOOD PARK, a 5 year old OTTB that was rescued off a S. CA feedlot. The last race this horse ran in at Santa Anita was won by Lava Man. Sherwood Park won $153,000 during his racing career. This horse’s previous trainer was so happy to hear he was safe. He gave the horse to a “good home”. We believe this home ran out of money to care for the horse. SHI with the help of the Fans of Barbaro ensured the safety of this horse for the remainder of its life. Sherwood Park has been adopted into a loving forever home.

Watch this YouTube video of Sherwood Park in action.

Sherwood Park

SHILOH a 5 year old mustang was also rescued off the S. CA feedlot. After the 30 day quarantine period he too was adopted into a loving forever home. What a cutie!!

MINOLO was rescued from Mike’s auction Easter Weekend. Another rescue alerted SHI to 6 yearlings that had been dumped together in one pen at auction. SHI could not take them all, but secured the safety of one. “Lolo” arrived at Horse of the Sun on Easter Sunday and by Monday an adoption contract was signed. We have since discovered that Lolo is 18-24 months old and pregnant!! The new owners have decided to let her have the foal. This filly was one of 18 horses auctioned that night from the same running quarter breeding facility Obviously the owner of this facility allowed indiscriminate breeding. We are glad he is now out of business. Lolo is a real sweetheart!


SHI seized the opportunity to rescue 2 ex-racehorses that had been thrown away and found themselves in a dangerous situation, their lives in jeopardy.



On Saturday September SHI went to Mike’s auction, Mira Loma to rescue 2 horses.

A 7 year old thoroughbred named Keelhauled was rescued for $125. With no other private bidders interested in him, this horse would have ended up at slaughter.

The other horse a 25 year old ex-racehorse, whom we named COURAGE was the most emaciated, horse at auction. His teeth were in very bad shape, contributing to his emaciation. This horse walked fine through auction He cost us $25.( His racing name was Lucifer).

The next day, Dr. Ross was to pick him up and take him to her house for the 30 day QT period. Sadly the horse was in worse shape, unable to walk, was showing obvious signs of a neurological disorder. Dr. Ross recommended euthanasia, which was performed on Monday morning. Animal Control were sent out to see the horse before he was euthanized, and they denied any wrong doing by the person who dumped this poor horse at auction. Unbelievable!! Courage was sent to the state lab for a full necropsy.

RIP sweet Courage.

(Click images to enlarge)
Auction Lot Horses

SHI received a phone call from Inland Valley Humane Society alerting us to 2 emaciated horses standing on an Ontario auction lot. The officer stated that she would not remove the horses immediately as it was not a life threatening situation. Indeed it was!! A volunteer was sent to the lot and she was horrified. Humane Society was contacted again by several people requesting that these two horses be seized immediately. They were not. A 48 hour notice had been served on the auction owner, to bring in a vet. If that was not done the horses would not have been seized until Monday 8/4. We were afraid that the horses would die before then. SHI decided to act. Friday morning volunteers arrived at the auction lot and the horses were transported to safety.

Sadly the gelding, whom we named “Matthew the Valiant” went down in the trailer. His body was already in organ failure, and he had to be euthanized upon arrival at the foster home, the home of a veterinarian. VALIANT hung on for as long as he could. Sadly this rescue was too late for him. We apologized to him that human beings had done this to him.

We are happy to say that the 20 year old mare, although very thin, is making a good recovery. We have named her VALOUR. She is one brave little mare.

These horses had been abandoned at the auction early in July, and had stood on the lot since then with no veterinary care or adequate feed.

On 9/12 Valour made the journey 6 hours north of Riverside to Brentwood, CA, to her new forever home. She traveled in style alongside some handsome thoroughbreds off the track, from Santa Anita to Golden Gate Park. She has settled in to her new home very well, and we are very happy for this special little mare who is a true survivor.

Thank you to the Fans of Barbaro for donating generously to enable us to rescue these horses.


SHI has been busy doing TV segments. Deborah Jones and Audrey Reynolds were interviewed by Chrystal Chessher for KZSW TV., to highlight the rescue of the two emaciated horses from, an Ontario Auction lot.

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Audrey Reynolds and Killy Fornelli were interviewed by Dave Scott for KUSI TV on Good Morning San Diego, 8/16/08. Currently there is no link to this story. The story was filmed at Mt. Miguel Equestrian Center, and featured Daddy, El Nuki, and Bayo, live. They are now TV stars!!

GAMBLER was rescued at auction by an individual who could not afford to give him the care he needed. SHI adopted him, but sadly he had foundered repeatedly, and was in tremendous pain. Barely able to walk, we made the difficult decision to euthanise him. RIP sweet Gambler.
GWEN was rescued off a local ranch where she was discovered in October 07, during the fires in San Diego. She was emaciated, in with 2 other horses, eating all her food. SHI President gave the 3 horses daily care and food for 3 months. It was discovered in December that Gwen was in fact pregnant. Not until January 08 that we were able to “buy” the horses in order to save them and get them off that ranch.

Gwen was adopted by Christine Griffin in Ramona. Gwen gave birth to a healthy black colt named Quinn.

was rescued along with Gwen. This paint mare was taken in by SHI, and ridden regularly to prepare her for adoption. We are happy to announce that Misty has been reunited with a family who had owned her since she was a foal. 5 years ago they entrusted her to a family member, when they had to leave the state for a while, and when they returned the mare had been sold. They had been looking for Misty for 5 years.

BAYO is a 23 year old gelding that had been abandoned in a field full of cows in Ontario. He had to eat silage and was not doing well. He was very underweight and badly in need of hoof care. Animal Control took 10 days to locate the owner. Bayo was on this cow lot the whole time with no real food. Finally when the owner was contacted, it was evident that he was not able to give this horse the care he needed. SHI rescued Bayo in May 2008.

Bayo has had extensive dental work, and his feet trimmed. He is thriving, eating everything in sight. He will be available for adoption as a pasture pet later this year.

Donate towards Bayo’s ongoing care or sponsor him for $100 per month.

June/July 2015 FEEDLOT RESCUES. SHI donors made it possible for us to “bail” 3 pairs of mares and foals off slaughter bound feedlots.
Nala & baby and Amber & baby came off a WA feedlot. They were adopted locally in WA state. Sadly momma Amber died a few days later. She colicked badly and had a uterine infection. She could not be saved. Her filly, named Abby, was adopted into a wonderful forever home.
Nala & baby and Amber & baby
This feral mare and her baby were bailed off the Kaufman, TX feedlot, and adopted by a wonderful woman in Maryland.
SUGAR was rescued off a S. California feedlot, six months pregnant, and 5 years of age. She was adopted directly off the feedlot and recently gave birth to a healthy filly.
The rescue of DAZ off the S. California feedlot was co-coordinated by SHI. Daz was adopted by Tania Bennet at Mustang Spirit Rescue . In May, Daz finally gave birth to a beautiful colt.
LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE also came off the S. California feedlot. She was immediately adopted by Gayle Kaye. Sunshine was very weak and unprepared for foaling. Gayle and her daughter prepared her with good nutrition and exercise. Sunshine gave birth to a healthy foal in May.
Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine's Foal
HARMONY was rescued off the S. California feedlot. Heavily pregnant, and close to foaling, Harmony was transported to her new adoptive home in Auburn. She had a 2 night stopover in Modesto, which made us all very nervous. Harmony arrived at her new home on a Tuesday and she gave birth to this beautiful foal named Spirit, 3 days later.
ROSY was rescued off the S. California feedlot. She was adopted by the Shiloh Foundation in Auburn., Ca. Rosy gave birth to a beautiful colt named Nugget.
CHANCE a 3 year old mustang gelding was rescued directly off the feedlot and went to a home near Mammoth Lakes. The new owner could not keep him so he was taken in by High Sierra Wild Horse Sanctuary. He just completed training at Monty Robert's, and is ready for saddle training. He will make a great project horse. Quiet and gentle to work with. He is now in a foster home in Temecula.

Please donate for his ongoing care until an adoptive home is found.

BELLE was rescued off the S. California feedlot. She had sustained a severe injury to her leg years ago and the injury left her unable to walk. We spared her a trip to Mexico. She would never have made it alive. She would have been trampled to death, unable to stand on all fours. I only knew sweet Belle for a few hours. She was a sweet gentle soul, who knew love and empathy during that time. Sadly Belle was euthanised, to end her pain and suffering. RIP sweet Belle.
(Click images to enlarge)
SECOND CHANCE & GRACIE were rescued together off the feedlot. They had been dumped and the owner wanted them “gone.” Gracie came down with strangles and hoof abscesses. Gracie is well now and is soon going to her new adoptive home.

Second Chance is still undergoing some rehabilitation; He will make someone a lovely horse someday soon.

Donate for their ongoing care or sponsor Second Chance for $100 per month.

Second Chance & Gracie
(Click images to enlarge)
MACY was bought at a goat sale by the feedlot owner. She stood on his lot for 5 days with no vet care. When we rescued her in April 2008 she was covered from head to toe with lacerations and puncture wounds. The flies were stuck to her wounds. She really was in a bad way. Currently in foster care, Macy is recovering from her injuries, both mentally and physically. She is also gaining weight, and has been introduced to life with the “herd” at her foster home.

Donate for Macy or sponsor her for $100 per month.

(Click images to enlarge)
DADDYSPRIDEANDJOY is a thoroughbred, raced once in 2003. His trainer decided this horse did not have a future in racing. We have no idea where this horse spent the last few years. He was rescued off the feedlot in May 2008, and in need of some good feeding. After QT in a foster home, he will be put into a full training program, to prepare him for adoption. It is evident that Daddy has been mistreated and is untrusting.

Daddy has been adopted

EL NUKI is a thoroughbred that was rescued off the feedlot the same day as Daddy in May 2008. El Nuki was retired from racing 2005 following an injury. He underwent stem cell therapy and 2 years lay up. He never returned to racing. El Nuki is great grandson of "Lord at War". Nuki was started 16 times, with 3 wins, earning $131,000. At 9 years of age, Nuki will be put into full time training, and rehomed in the coming months.

Donate towards El Nuki’s ongoing care or sponsor him for $100 per month.

El Nuki

SHI board member Deborah, attended Mike’s auction in May ’08, not intending to rescue any horses. A short time later I received a call requesting funds to save two horses. A 9 year old thoroughbred mare that was later identified as “YOURWAY HIGHWAY” and she had recently given birth to a foal. There was no foal at foot. $350 saved this mare from ending up in a bad place. The next day Deb learned from the previous owner that she had almost died giving birth to the foal that did not survive. She had been dumped at auction as she was of no use to him anymore. Thank you to Priscilla Clark of Tranquility Farms for taking this sweet mare in. Your Way is the great granddaughter to Secretariat. To make a donation towards her ongoing care please visit:
Yourway Highway
MONA LISA’S CANVAS, a beautiful paint mare, was also rescued at auction that night. She had a crooked leg caused by severe degenerative joint disease. Canvas had just had a foal weaned from her side, and still had milk. I can’t believe she was bred while in obvious pain due to her leg.

She was taken to Norco Equine Hospital where we consulted with two veterinarians. It was a unanimous decision, that euthanasia would be the kindest for Canvas to end her pain. She was a lovely sweet mare, and she knew love as Deb and I stayed with her to the end. RIP sweet Canvas.

Mona Lisa's Canvas

Audrey, Linda, friends Kathy and Johanna and Caroline Betts, attended Mike’s auction in Mira Loma, Riverside, Oct 6th 2007. An auction frequented by kill buyers, the 4 horses that were saved that night would have surely gone to slaughter. This save was funded by the ever faithful Fans Of Barbaro. The horses were driven to a foster home in Lancaster, right after auction. Arriving at 3.a.m. and 35 degrees, the horses showed signs of appreciation as they all whickered during the unloading and bedding down for the night, especially Prince, who we were not quite sure would even make the journey.


PRINCE captured our hearts the moment we saw him standing alone, head hung low, looking very depressed, and quite emaciated. An older stallion, who we later found out had not sold at auction 2 weeks prior, was back again. He went home with us for $35. Prince had trouble breathing, and we were unsure just how much longer he could hang on. We believe his last few days on this earth were happy and peaceful for him. He was surrounded by love, friends and food was plentiful. Sadly our save came too late for Prince. He died just 5 days later. RIP our beautiful Prince.

PHYRFLY, a beautiful Arabian mare, had been starved, but showed up at auction with her mane fully braided! She could hardly bear weight on her front feet, due to ringbone and feet that were badly in need of some work. This 15 year old papered mare is doing well, has gained weight and appears to be more comfortable on her feet. She is in need of a loving retirement home. Funds are needed for her ongoing care.


CODY, a 15 year old Quarter horse gelding appeared to be quite healthy, just in need of some food and love. A few days after auction he came up lame and we are still troubleshooting his problem. Hopefully he will make a nice trail horse. Funds are needed for his ongoing care.

SMILEY, a 20 year old gelding a fun trail horse with a huge trot is available for adoption.


Barbi has been adopted by Linda Richards at Safe Haven Rescue, Cottonwood, Ca.

A 20+ year old thoroughbred mare was advertised on Craigslist for $100. At that price she would surely fall into the wrong hands. With the help of Fans of Barbaro again, we were able to rescue this mare and bring her safely from Oregon to California. Many thanks to Darla at Strawberry Mountain Mustangs who assisted us with this rescue. We have named the mare MARY, and she is currently at the foster home in Lancaster. She needs a loving retirement home. Funds are needed for her ongoing care.

BARBI was abandoned in a field after her long time owner was admitted to a retirement home. “Rescued” by another woman, she was handed over the SHI to save her from euthanasia. Her time is not up just yet. After a month or two of good feeding, Barbi has been taken in by Safe Haven Horse Rescue in Northern California.


(Click images to enlarge)

Grey mustang gelding rescued from kill buyer’s feedlot, now residing safely at High Sierra Wild Horse Sanctuary awaiting adoption.

Charley was rescued as a free horse on Craigslist. He was adopted by Linda Richards at Safe Haven Horse rescue, Cottonwood, CA.

Pregnant mare rescued from kill buyer’s feedlot.

Misty. Paint mare rescued from neglectful situation. Available for adoption.

Pregnant mare rescued from kill buyer’s feedlot. Mare has been adopted.

Beautiful TB gelding named Second Chance, rescued from going to slaughter in Mexico.

Mare rescued from going to slaughter in Mexico

Mare rescued from neglectful situation gave birth to a healty colt. Both are in adoptive home.

Little Miss Sunshine, pregnant mare
rescued from S. Ca killbuyer's feedlot. She has been adopted.

Pregnant feedlot mare gave birth to a healthy foal named Spirit, once safely in her new adoptive home.

Pregnant feedlot mare "Rosy", gave birth to her foal in the safety of her new adoptive home.

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