We are pleased to welcome 2 groups of adults with disabilities, twice a week from CIS (Community Integrated Services). They are enjoying and benefitting from the volunteer opportunity at Saving Horses, Inc.

SHI welcomes volunteers of all ages.

Volunteers assist with feeding, cleaning corrals, cleaning and filling water buckets, exercising horses, and at fundraising events. Volunteers enjoy interaction with the horses on various levels. Some of our younger volunteers have actually taken on “training” of horses. E.G. 13 yr old Tessa has trained Gadget the paint pony to go at walk, trot and canter in the round pen, AND under saddle. Gadget knew none of this when he arrived at the rescue July 2014. Tessa has also taught Gadget many tricks such a “bow”, kiss” and “hug”. SHI welcomes individuals of all ages to volunteer.

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